How can you contribute?
Earn money by contributing to the network. Everybody can contribute to the network by:
1) Creating content
If you know a certain product you can create content around it, for example an image or a video. You get a share of all the earnings every time the product content is sold. This will undoubtedly allow consistent creators to build a passive recurring revenue stream out of their work. Become a creator by easily signing up at
2) Curating content
To ensure that companies have the choice of the best product content, everyone is able to improve the product content that has been made by other creators. The content quality used to be curated by one of a limited number of people, such as a content team. Doing it YOUR way, the content quality is curated by many curators in the network, like other creators within our community. The curation functionality will be live in the next version of the application.
3) Node providers
In the next phase of YOUR people also can contribute with computing power. The nodes are processing and storage providers. They will get paid for the amount of runtime and storage usage.
4) Network development
The network development consist of development power for creating, optimising and maintaining the network.
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