Our investors
With the support from various reputable names in the blockchain industry, YOUR has successfully closed its funding rounds with investment from Venture capital firms like Stratos, Genblock Capital, Skyvision Capital and on the most dominant Solana and Binance Smart Chain launchpads, Solanium.io and Infinity Pad. Together with the fast growing team, backers and strategic partners we want to make our vision a reality. β€œGenblock is thrilled to be supporting YOUR as they build out core marketplace infrastructure, further facilitating greater NFT utility. We see YOUR as the next iteration of primitive NFTs and believe they will help accelerate the transition into a Web3 world. We look forward to working together with the team to deliver on their planned roadmap.” β€” Bilal Junaid, Genblock Founder
​Click here to see the full article about the partnership with Genblock Capital.
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